Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Resuming Once Again

Once again I've decided to resume blogging. I'm no longer a college kid living crazy hours, so I hope that my far more regular lifestyle will let me do this far more often. A lot of things have changed in my life since I last wrote. Here's some of the stuff that I think are important to me at this time, and some goals I want myself to achieve in the short term.


Everybody around me seems to be focussed on getting healthier, so I figure it's time for me to jump in. I've spent the past four years living a horribly unhealthy lifestyle which has led me to gain around 55 pounds. Now it's time for me to get rid of it and get more active. I found this great book online and I've begun following what the guy has to say: The Hackers Diet. I'm about a week in, and it's had good results thus far. I'm going to keep at it and see where it leads me.

I also want to resume playing golf. My goal is to start playing at the driving ranges in a couple of weeks, and progress to weekend games on the local courses in about 2 months.

I've already started playing cricket here, but don't find it to be much fun. I'm horribly out of form, and am simply not seeing the ball. The only way I can get better is to have a few net sessions, but all I seem to get to play around here is a match. With the constant fear of getting out, I'm unable to score runs which isn't helping. I also find that it's not at all much of a workout. I barely break a sweat the whole game. Maybe I should start bowling again.

I also want to start playing squash, but I don't think that will happen. There aren't any courts nearby and I don't really have anyone to play with.

I think it would help if I hit the gym every so often, but knowing myself, that probably won't happen much.

All in all, stay active, get healthy.


Work is going alright. Could be better. I definitely miss the college environment. There are days when I'm doing stuff that I really don't want to be doing. And there're others when I enjoy what I do. All in all, I want to ensure that I perform well at work and try and have fun doing it.

Outside of work

I want to stay active and be social. This is really out of my comfort zone, but I gotta make it happen.

I also want to get good at video games. I've never really been good at any video game, but I think I'm slowly getting there. I can hold my own at Madden/NCAA Football. I'm not always the worst player in CoD online, and I'm slowly picking up Fifa.

I'm not learning very much from work, so I want to make myself progress outside of work. To this end, I'm working on some Android/iOS/Web stuff (hush-hush for now) in my free time.

All in all, stay social, get better at video games, and get some coding done!

So these are my goals for the near future. Let's see when and how well I go about reaching them...