About Me

I'm a Computer Science Engineer fresh out of school (B.S.E. University of Michigan 2010). I'm currently in San Diego working for Qualcomm. At work I port Android to Qualcomm chipsets. While I'm not at work I do Android and iOS development. I also do some web dev and have done some desktop dev before with .NET.

You can see some of my work on the projects page and on github.

I was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India (5th generation Bangalorean!). I went to school at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, and graduated as Information Technology Captain in 2006. 

I like to think I’m a very enthusiastic software engineer. My interests include operating systems, algorithms, application development to name a few. My work at Qualcomm I believe will involve working on Linux for mobile devices, specifically related to multi media. I also do some application development in my free time - Android, Web, and Desktop.

On a more personal note, I love traveling. I’ve been to quite a few places across the globe: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand to name the most recent places I’ve been to. My favorite vacation spot (thus far) is probably Port Douglas, a small town in Queensland, Australia. When I visited it there were about 4000 people in the town, and it had no traffic lights! I absolutely loved scuba diving and snorkeling there.