Sunday, March 15, 2009


I’m sure most of you have heard of, or use it actively. If not, check it out now! We all know how awesome Meebo is. What may not be all that well known, is that there’s an Android application by Meebo. And it’s awesome!

It works the same way as does, except, since it’s a native application, it integrates really well with the Android OS. It runs as a background process when you close it, so you can receive IMs even if the meebo application is not open. This is really cool, because now I can stay signed in on my phone all the time. Not something I can do on my iPod Touch.

The app has support for everything that’s supported on You can still login with your meebo id. The app’s well built (has yet to crash on me), and like I said before, integrates really well into the phone. Plus, it’s free.

Bottom line: if you’re an android user, you should get Meebo yesterday.

- Sir Lapog Kahn.

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